Are you dating a narcissist? Here are five strategies for dealing with a narcissist in a relationship

They are frequently labelled as dark characters, but they have a warm exterior that may lead you to believe they are generous people. They can be extremely self-centered and lack empathy to the point where your feelings may feel ignored. A narcissistic person’s key personality traits include a sense of entitlement, exploitative behaviour, self-obsession, and self-admiration.

Now that you understand what a narcissistic person is, here are five strategies for dealing with this type of behaviour in a relationship.

Find new hobbies to occupy your mind

It can be annoying and boring to date someone who is constantly flexing on themselves and boasting about their own accomplishments. It is preferable to find a new hobby or learn a new skill to keep yourself busy.

Be upfront and straightforward

The only way to silence a narcissist is to be honest about your feelings and maintain a straightforward demeanour. It is preferable to be honest and speak the truth when dealing with a narcissist than to avoid it. They would rather have an honest approach than a phoney one.

Be rational 

Feelings and emotions can be dismissed by a narcissist. The only way to express yourself is through facts and logical responses. A narcissist can be persuaded by someone who thinks rationally and takes an unconventional approach.

Set limits and boundaries

A narcissist may or may not become clingy. When it comes to their own desires, they are extremely needy. As a result, it is critical to establish some boundaries and limitations in order to maintain your sanity and have your own personal space.

Stand your ground, no matter what

There are times when it might get difficult arguing with a narcissist. This does not imply that you will give up and lose the fight even if it was not your fault; in most cases, it will not be. A narcissist will always try to convince you that you are wrong. Keep in mind to be firm and authoritative.


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