Dealing with a Passive Aggressive Spouse

Passive-aggressive behaviour occurs when they avoid direct confrontation with you and instead express their negativity in indirect ways. When you expect a response from them, they may comment backhandedly, procrastinate, taunt, or remain silent. Consider the following examples of passive-aggressive behaviour in a marriage.

Not interacting with in-laws

Your spouse may tell you that they don’t have a problem with your side of the family, but whenever there is an event or a chance to meet them, they somehow are always busy or caught up. To deal with this, simply ask your partner the reason behind them avoiding your family and patiently discuss with them how you feel about it.

Not spending enough quality time

They may purposefully schedule work meetings or personal commitments on days when you and your partner intend to spend quality time together. To figure this out, ask your partner if they are comfortable with the time division you made for them as an individual and for you two as a couple, and then plan your future time together accordingly.

Not coming to bed on time

It is possible that your partner does not go to bed at the same time as you in order to express their dissatisfaction with the relationship. To rectify the situation, speak with them about their alternate sleeping habits and tell them that you miss their presence in the bed.

Not responding to texts

Your spouse may purposefully delay responding to your texts in order to express their frustration or lack of interest, making you feel ignored. Discuss with them what comes up for them when you text them and try to figure out why they aren’t responding on time.


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