Warning signs that shows poor stomach health

Stomach health is very crucial to have  healthy body and mind. Poor eating habits and idle lifestyles leads to digestive issues. Your stomach might show some warning signs that you are having poor stomach health some of them are:

Bloating and gas

When stomach is full of bad bacteria higher or in excess or food items don’t digest well as they should, leading to an increase in gas and acidity in your gut. So eat nutritious food chew well it will help in the overall process of digestion.

Mood swings

There is a strong connection between low moods/depression and digestive health.  That’s why when we feel low, we either crave for  good food or even lose our appetite .So to activate good bacteria in our tummies eat good food.

Skin issues

If any digestive problem occurs it can be see on the skin. Skin is the largest organ in our body which can show bad results of stomach health. Stomach healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle can result in healthy glowing skin.

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