Mukul Rohatgi tells the Bombay High Court that Aryan Khan was wrongfully arrested and that he is eligible for bail

MUMBAI: Former Attorney General of India Mukul Rohatgi, who appeared for Aryan Khan in his bail application in the drugs-on-cruise case in the Bombay High Court on Tuesday, told the court that his client was invited to the cruise as a special guest.


He told the court that there was “no case of drug possession” against Aryan Khan and that he was wrongfully arrested. He also stated that “it was a fit case for bail.” According to Rohatgi, the law allows for a maximum of one year in prison for small amounts of drugs.


“The maximum penalty for small quantities is one year in prison, according to the law. According to the law, there is rehabilitation for consumption “Rohatgi spoke on Aryan Khan’s behalf.

“Pratik Gaba, a friend of Aryan Khan’s, invited him. He was like a planner. He invited accused number one, Aryan, and number two, Arbaz Merchant. They were both invited by the same person. They both arrived at the cruise terminal at the same time “According to Rohtagi.

“It appears that NCB had prior knowledge that people on this cruise were using drugs, so they were present in a certain concentration. Arbaz, my client, and many others were apprehended. A search was carried out, but nothing was found on the accused 1. (Aryan Khan). At no point was a medical exam performed to determine if he had taken any drugs “He continued.

According to Rohatgi, six grammes of charas were recovered from accused number two (Arbaz Merchant), and Aryan had no relationship with him other than arriving with him there. “There was no way out. There was no evidence of consumption “He stated. “Many others were discovered with some amount of drugs, leading them to believe that there was a larger conspiracy. They are not charging me with consumption or possession, but with conspiracy, and not with Arbaz, but with others “In the courtroom, the former Attorney General argued on behalf of Aryan Khan before Justice Nitin Sambre.

On October 3, Aryan Khan, the son of actor Shahrukh Khan, was arrested.

“His statement was recorded under Section 67 of the NDPS Act, and it was retracted the next day.” We have brought this matter before the Supreme Court. Because there was no recovery and no consumption, I claim that I (Aryan Khan) was wrongfully arrested. What is being used against me is that accused number two (Arbaz Merchant) came with me and was having an affair with him. “As a result, I’ve been charged with drug possession with intent,” Rohatgi explained. “How can I be charged with conscious possession if something was in his shoes?” My WhatsApp chats from 2018, 2019, and 2020 have also been used against me (Aryan). These conversations have nothing to do with the Cruise case. The cruise case began and ended with Gaba (Pratik Gaba).There is no connection between my chats and the present case of the cruise

“Accused 2 (Arbaz Merchant) claims that he was not in possession of the drugs, but that they were planted on him. I have nothing to do with whether it was planted or in his possession. Twenty-three days have passed, and I had nothing to do with any of it “He continued.

According to the senior advocate, there is “no case of consumption, possession, purchase, or sale against” Aryan. He claimed that the case received public and media attention solely because of his parents; otherwise, the case would not have been mentioned at all.

“I’ve filed a rejoinder in which I state unequivocally that I make no allegations against any NCB Officer. I did this after NCB filed an affidavit on one of Panch’s allegations, which blamed one Pooja who is connected to me, among other things. I’m not interested in all of that sleazy squabble, and I have no complaints or criminal charges against anyone at NCB. Here we are, and I believe it is a good case for bail “Rohatgi continued.

The hearing on the bail application has been postponed until tomorrow.


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