There are six erogenous zones in women that you should be aware of

If you think you’ve mastered the art of making love and know exactly where your female partner is most sensitive, think again! There are many more erogenous zones besides the obvious 2-3, and you will be amazed at how they melt a woman. If your girl’s pleasure is as important to you as it is to her, you must touch and tease her in the following areas.


Few people realise how important the butt is during foreplay. Buttocks have a lot of muscle and fat. Aside from smacking, you could try a gentle tension-relieving massage if she sits all day at work. It is a very sensitive subject, and women react to it.



Women’s finger pads with soft skin are extremely sensitive. The fingertips can detect every temperature and texture they come into contact with. They have nerve endings that cause them to be so sensitive. So you can try a light touch, some massage if she types all day or uses her hands a lot at work, nibble on them or suck, well, we’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Lower back

Women’s lower backs are extremely sensitive. You could massage her or tease her with light touches. A gentle tickle can also help at times.

Inner wrist

The skin on the inside of the wrist is extremely thin and sensitive. Light kissing and stimulation in the vicinity can quickly turn a woman on.


This is now common among both men and women. It will relax and even turn her on if you lightly massage her head with a claw hand gesture, concentrating between the hairline and the centre of the scalp. This occurs because the scalp is located between the ear and the nape of the neck, both of which are erogenous zones. So you’re brushing her on both sides.


Only a few people are likely to be familiar with this one. A woman’s stomach is packed with erogenous points. It is a zone that can be explored from the navel outward. A woman’s abdominal muscles are linked to her pelvis. So if you brush against her skin there and on the sides of her stomach, you’ll understand what we mean.

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