5 ‘almost’ relationships you should never be a part of

Dating is difficult enough these days. With all of the apps and terms like ghosting and shadowing floating around, as well as all of the commitment and insecurity issues, there is a new concept that appears to leave people more frazzled and dazed than ever. It’s the idea of the “almost” person. The almost-boyfriend or almost-girlfriend who makes you question your position in your relationship with them.

One moment they are telling you their deepest darkest secret, the next they have ghosted you, only to return and show you that the relationship is progressing more than ever! This is not an all-or-nothing relationship, but rather a strange in-between phase that leaves you confused and concerned about where you stand. Continue reading to learn about the five “almost” relationships you should avoid at all costs for the sake of your sanity.

When you’re the almost-girlfriend/boyfriend

You meet all of their friends and are invited to most of their events as their plus-one. They’re doing everything a significant other would do in a relationship, but for some reason, they don’t want to label it. They don’t want to call you or introduce you as their boyfriend/girlfriend to other people, which is unusual and leaves you with mixed feelings. If you suspect that you are being duped, cut your losses as soon as possible.

When you’re almost sure about being exclusive 

You two haven’t really discussed whether or not you’re seeing other people, but you’re pretty sure you’re exclusive. You spend all of your free time together, so they must not be seeing anyone else, right? But why is it so difficult to confirm that? Are you worried they’ll break it off or believe you’re “restraining” them in some way? What kind of life is that, living in the dark?
It is preferable to rip the bandage and clear the air than to remain in this almost-relationship indefinitely.

When you think they could almost love you

You have the impression that the person you like is almost in love with you, but for some reason they keep you at arm’s length, making it difficult to become completely involved, despite the fact that he is extremely comfortable around you and is always himself with you. It’s time to forget him as the one who escaped and move on.

When you don’t feel good enough for them

Nobody is truly out of your league. If you like someone, are almost in a relationship with someone, and want to take the next step but are unsure, you know that the other person is making you feel that way. The right person will do, say, and make you feel at ease in your own skin, demonstrating that you are indeed good enough for them.

When you almost get back with them

This is the most dreadful kind of almost-relationship. When you and your ex rekindle your relationship but aren’t official and don’t know where you stand. It devolves into one of those casual relationships with no label, which is not the best place to be with someone with whom you have a history.

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