In ‘Jai Bhim,’ Prakash Raj slaps a Hindi-speaking man; the scene goes viral, sparking a Twitter debate

While Jai Bhim has received universal acclaim, one scene in the film has sparked debate among internet users. Some people appear to be offended by the scene in which Prakash Raj’s character slaps a man who speaks to him in Hindi. Many users claim that the scene incites anti-Hindi sentiment.

“I am really heartbroken after watching #JaiBhim, nothing against actor or anyone but felt really bad, there is a scene in the film where a person speaks Hindi and Prakash Raj slaps him and tells him to speak in Tamil,” one Twitter user wrote. To be honest, this type of scene was unnecessary. I’m hoping they cut it.

This had, in fact, sparked a debate with outrage from both sides.

Some countered that the scene had nothing to do with anti-Hindi sentiment and that Raj’s character, who plays a cop in the film, would have slapped the person if he spoke in any other language. They claimed that Prakash Raj slapped the man for attempting to perplex him by speaking in a language he doesn’t understand when the man can speak Tamil.


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