Men’s thoughts during first-time sex

You’ve been dating for a while and are looking forward to your first sex. But deep down, you’re concerned about what he’s thinking and whether he’s saying what he truly believes. So, in response to your curiosity, here are some details on what men truly think while doing it!


Is his bathroom and bedroom clean?

Yes, men, like us, go through all of the items on their checklist. They shave or trim and make certain that everything is clean, including the toilet seat!


A major item on the checklist, they want to ensure that they have condoms and that they are easily accessible when needed. They don’t want to make a fool of themselves in front of you.

Your body

Men have a penchant for taking detailed notes on every inch of your body. They take notice of your birthmark, your glow, your tattoos, piercings, and even your stretch marks. How they react to it is subjective, and they usually express it.

Moisturised skin

Men despise having dry skin. Men are turned off by a minor scratch that leaves a line on their skin. He may not say it (as any gentleman would), but they notice everything.

Your fragrance

No man will like you if you smell bad, and men notice the first thing. Keep an eye on how you smell because that is how they will remember you.

Your reactions

Men restrain themselves to an extreme! They do not want to pounce on you or rush you unless you prefer it that way. He’ll watch for your reactions and do what you want. Foreplay is essential for both of you.

Watching for signs of orgasm

If the man is considerate, he will value your orgasm as well. Such men experiment with different things in bed to see how you react and are constantly on the lookout for signs that you are about to have an orgasm.

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