Toxic people can trap you in ingenious ways

A toxic person can drain you of your resources. They will undermine your trust, cause you to lose confidence, and cause you to question your beliefs. The worst thing about toxic people is that they are very sneaky and stab you in the back. Their subtle methods are enough to put a sheath around your eyes, making you completely unaware of the danger you will face in the near future. So, here are some ways toxic people can entangle you in their web.

They’ll confuse you

They will appear to be extremely nice one moment and extremely arrogant the next. Their sudden change in behaviour is risky, and it may throw you off for a while. Even if you confront them about their attitude, they will say nothing but leave hints that will leave you wondering whether or not you did something wrong.

They’ll try to control you

Their actions may suggest that they are attempting to manipulate you. They will make it appear as if they are doing everything for you, even if it means that you are experiencing far too much pain. They will attempt to gain authority over your decisions and choices by making it appear that you are incapable of making mature decisions.

They’ll ask you to prove your love

The worst thing a person can do for their partner is to ask them to prove their love for them. This means I don’t have any faith in you. This may result in previously unseen insecurities, and you may even find yourself the target of criticism and blame. Your love will never be enough for them.

They’ll ask you to apologise

Are you always the one who apologises and tries to make things right? If you answered yes, you will be able to completely relate to this. A toxic person will never say, ‘I’m sorry.’ Because their ego is much larger than your respect, they will always manipulate you to be the one to apologise. They’ll also trick you into believing that everything is always your fault.

They’ll always use a toxic tone

When your partner uses a sly, toxic tone with you, you will immediately notice. This is common when all they want is for you to listen to them. They will either question your motives or undermine your efforts to improve the relationship.

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