Home remedies to control Hormonal Acne

There is no magical way to fix hormonal acne overnight. It continues appearing till menopause which is also known as adult acne. They commonly appear on the forehead, upper cheek, nose, and jaw in teenagers but there are easy and quick home remedies to help those suffering from hormonal acne.

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There is a detox drink to control hormonal acne in Ayurveda. Here we have the recipe.

  • Cumin Seeds: 1 Tbsp.
  • Coriander Seeds: Tsp
  • Black Salt: Tsp
  • Ajwain seed Powder: Tsp
  • Asafetida: 1 Pinch
  • Ginger Powder: Tsp.
  • Anardana powder: Tsp.

Mix it well and drink it.

  • Add herbs like Ashwagandha, Lodhra, Manjistha and Shatavari in your diet
  • Avoid intake of sugary and high-fat food
  • Sleep for 8 hours
  • Include any one physical activity in the daily routine.

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