Six months after second COVID jab ideal time for booster dose: Bharat Biotech CMD

New Delhi: Dr Krishna Ella, founder and Managing Director of Hyderabad-based pharma major Bharat Biotech, said on Wednesday that six months after receiving the second dose is an ideal time for a coronavirus vaccine booster dose.


However, he added that the government will make the final decision.

He stated that the Phase 2 trials for the nasal vaccine being developed by Bharat Biotech after its Coavaxin were completed and that data was being analysed. “We should have it in 3-4 months,” he said, adding that Bharat Biotech was also in discussions with the government about using the Cowin platform for clinical trials.

Ella suggested that the nasal Covid vaccine could be used instead of the second dose of Covaxin or to protect people who had previously been infected.

He claimed that the nasal vaccine was more effective in preventing infection than an injectable vaccine that did not reach the upper lungs and could eliminate the need for a vaccinated individual to continue wearing the mask.

In terms of developing a vaccine for children, Ella stated that Bharat Biotech was the only company in the world to conduct clinical trials on children aged 2 to 18.

Ella also discussed the difficulties encountered in obtaining WHO approval for Covaxin.

He stated that they had 5 WHO-approved vaccines “So we knew exactly what to do and how to do it. However, there are many negative media people who have even written to scientific journals to inquire about a death in Bhopal. It happened as a result of suicide, but it was blamed on the vaccine “..

When asked about the negative publicity, the founder of Bharat Biotech responded: “When the Prime Minister took the vaccine, they immediately said it was a BJP vaccine, a Modi vaccine. There are numerous synonyms. We’re scientists; we’re not interested in politics.”

On November 3, the World Health Organization granted emergency use status to India’s indigenous vaccine Covaxin.

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