A Significant WhatsApp Update! Check out the upcoming feature for more information on the app’s privacy settings

New Delhi: WhatsApp is getting ready to add a new feature to the messenger’s Privacy Settings that will allow users to hide their last seen from ‘My Contacts Except.’ Currently, the messaging platform provides users with three options: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody.

Everyone can see the last seen in the Everyone option, as the name implies, whereas only contacts saved in the phone can see your last seen in the ‘My Contacts’ section. Nobody will be able to see when you were last active on WhatsApp if you select the third ‘Nobody’ option.

Aside from last seen, the three options are also available for WhatsApp profile photos and about sections. As a result, the new ‘My Contacts Except’ option will be available in all three settings.

The Meta-owned messaging app has begun to roll out a test version of the ‘My Contacts Except’ feature. Rumours that WhatsApp would launch the upcoming Privacy feature first surfaced in September 2021.

WhatsApp has begun rolling out the feature on the Android beta app, allowing users to test the ‘My Contacts Except’ option ahead of the official launch. WhatsApp beta testers will be able to use the feature in the app’s beta version.

Users who choose the upcoming feature will be unable to view the last seen, profile photo, and about section details of users who will be added to the ‘My Contacts Except’ list.


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