Do you have a strong attraction to anyone?

When you have an instant attraction to someone, you feel a pull that keeps drawing you back to them. This emotional and mental pull is almost magical, and it will make you feel truly connected to someone you may eventually learn to love. This instant attraction is common at first sight. However, there are some obvious signs that you have developed a magnetic attraction to that person.

Eye contact

You will feel compelled to maintain eye contact with the person you are attracted to. You will find yourself staring at that person, or you may even feel as if you are’silently’ conversing with them through your eye expressions.

Feeling Deja Vu

Deja vu hits you hard when you have a strong feeling that you have met that person before in your life. And you might feel extremely at ease at that point. Conversations will easily flow in, and conversing with that person will feel very natural. You won’t feel compelled to exert additional effort or pressure in order to keep their attention.

Specific body language

When there’s a lot of love in the air, your body language speaks volumes. When you show interest in someone, your body communicates your feelings by leaning forward, smiling flirtatiously, or tucking your hair behind your ears. This is one of the simplest ways to determine whether or not you have a magnetic connection with that person.

Desire to know more about each other

You will have a strong desire to learn more about this person. Whether it’s through phone calls, texts, or dates, you’ll try to make the most of the situation by asking as many questions as possible. Unless you are extremely interested in that person, this desire is unlikely to arise.


If you’re hesitant to flirt with that person, even if you’re shy, you must have a special attraction for them. And when this happens, you may even take chances on that person without thinking about the consequences. You could even be irrational, but what can you do when you’re madly in love?

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