It was a huge challenge to develop Covaxin in “just 10 months”: Biotech Bharat

V Krishna Mohan, Director of Bharat Biotech, has stated that developing the anti-COVID vaccine Covaxin in “just 10 months” was a huge challenge. He said there were no vaccines when the Covid-19 hit India and the rest of the world on Thursday during a session at the Bengaluru Tech Summit-2021.

“This was a daunting task for the pharmaceutical industry and potential vaccine manufacturers. We had only 10 months to develop a vaccine to combat the infection, but we were able to develop Covaxin quickly and at a high level within these few months “he stated

The Central Government took the appropriate steps at the time, according to the Bharat Biotech Director. “There were no such precedents in the past, and it appears impossible to make a vaccine in such a short period of time,” he said.

He added that the company devised a strategy to manufacture and develop the vaccine in India.

V Krishna Mohan went on to say that it is difficult to quantify the amount of effort that went into developing the vaccine, and that the company did not compromise the vaccine’s quality or efficacy at any point in time.

He claimed that Bharat Biotech was successful in releasing Covaxin in record time, saving the lives of millions of fellow Indians.

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