Are you prone to buri nazar? Here’s what an astrologer thinks

“Buri nazar,” also known as “evil eye” or “nazar lagna,” is a common phrase in most Indian homes. We immediately blame “buri nazar” for everything, from getting sick out of nowhere to encountering difficulties at work or elsewhere.

Concept of buri nazar

According to Astrologer and Numerologist Kashish Parashar, “the entire concept of buri nazar is nothing but the human aura that every individual emits.” It is every human being’s energy shield. You may have noticed that some people brighten our day simply by being present, while others make it worse.

All of this is simply based on auras. Some people emit negative energy, which instantly affects our mood and feeds on our positive energy, making us feel gloomy and, in some cases, causing our blood pressure to drop. But then there are those who, like a positive energy shield, dispel all negativity with their positive aura.”

According to Parashar, “buri nazar” affects each of us differently. So, here are some signs that she has listed that you are easily affected by it.


Constant yawning right before praying – If you are constantly yawning for no apparent reason right before or during prayer, you may be affected.
Flashes of heat and cold
Anxiety attack
Feeling down for no apparent reason
Feeling unconfident for no apparent reason.
When you are in the presence of someone who has a strong negative aura, your blood pressure drops suddenly.
Bruises on the body that are not associated with any injuries.

Fearful feeling without any cause.

The colour of your face changes to pale yellow.

If you feel these signs repeatedly and too strongly and they are becoming hurdles between you and your success, you are probably affected by buri nazar.

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