Minister Rajendra Gudha Wants Roads To Be As Smooth As Katrina Kaif’s Cheeks

Just few  days after becoming a minister in the recent cabinet reshuffle in Rajasthan, Rajendra Gudha has landed in an unwanted controversy after telling an officer that roads in his villages should be as smooth as that of Katrina Kaif’s cheeks.

In a video went viral on online, the Congress MLA is seen interacting with people in Udaipurwati, his assembly constituency. While airing their grievances to Gudha, some villagers demand that the roads in the area be recontructed.

Hearing this minister told the chief engineer of the Public Works Department  “In my constituency, the roads should be made like Katrina Kaif’s cheeks.”

Crowd cheered his comment. It is not the first time politicians comparing roads to an actress’s cheek.

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