Actor Ajith tells fans not to refer to him as “Thala.”

Actor Ajith Kumar, whose film ‘Valimai’ is set to release for Pongal next year, urged fans, the media, and the general public to refer to him as just Ajith or Ajith Kumar or AK rather than ‘Thala,’ as he is popularly known, on Wednesday.

“To the respected members of the media, the general public, and genuine fans,” the actor said in a statement. “From now on, I prefer to be addressed as Ajith, Ajith Kumar, or simply AK, rather than “Thala” or any other prefix before my name.” I wish you all a beautiful life full of good health, happiness, success, peace of mind, and contentment for the rest of your lives. “I adore Ajith.”

The statement is significant because Ajith’s fans have been addressing him as Thala for a long time. Similarly, fans of actor Vijay have started referring to him as Thalapathy. On social media, both actors’ fans are known to be constantly at odds.

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to the release of Ajith’s upcoming film ‘Valimai,’ directed by H Vinoth and produced by Boney Kapoor.
The film industry is buzzing with rumours that the film’s second single, which is set to hit theatres for Pongal next year, will be released this week and will be a song dedicated to mothers.

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