In India, 18 passengers from high-risk countries were tested for COVID positivity, and their samples were sent for genome sequencing

New Delhi: Union Health Minister Manuskh Mandaviya announced on Friday that 16,000 passengers from ‘at risk’ countries had RT-PCR tests performed, and 18 samples had been sent for genome sequencing to determine whether they had the Omicron variant of the virus or not.

The minister stated that Karnataka, where two samples tested positive for the Omicron strain, has been instructed to take all precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

“So far, RT-PCR testing has been performed on over 16,000 passengers arriving on 58 flights from ‘at risk’ countries. Eighteen of these tested positive for in RT-PCR testing, and their genomes are being sequenced to determine whether or not they have the Omicron variant “The minister stated this during his response to the Lok Sabha’s marathon debate on the COVID-19 situation.

According to the minister, RT-PCR tests are being performed on passengers from “at risk” countries, and revised guidelines for travel from these countries have been issued.

According to him, there are 373 cases of Omicron, which is classified as a variant of concern by WHO, in 29 countries. According to Mandaviya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with officials after South Africa reported the new variant to WHO, and the Union Health Secretary met with states.

According to the minister, all COVID-19 positive cases at airports will be sent for genome sequencing.

He stated that a South African national who had been detected with the Omnicron variant was found to be COVID-19 negative in a subsequent test in Bengaluru and returned to his home country on November 27. The minister stated that his 12 primary contacts and 200 secondary contacts had been identified and tested negative for coronavirus.

He stated that three family members and 160 other contacts of 46-year-old Indian nationals in Bengaluru who were also found to be affected by the Omicron variant had been tested, and that five positive samples had been sent for genome sequencing.


Mandaviya stated that 75 members participated in the nearly 12-hour debate.


The debate ended after midnight yesterday, and the minister responded today. (ANI)

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