3 Signs that your home is a victim of bad vibes

No matter how many luxurious 5-star hotels and guest houses we stay in, the one place we always look forward to returning to is our own home. The feeling of having a house to stay in is irreplaceable, whether it’s a small cluttered apartment or a spacious bungalow.

When we ask you what comes to mind when we say “home,” the majority of you will respond with positivity, comfort, happiness, family, and love. What if we told you that your house can also be a victim of negative energy? After all, people hang Evil Eye Warders in front of and inside their homes for a reason.

But how do you know if your home is surrounded by negative energy? Here are a few ideas that might help.

You feel anxious and depressed when at home

If you are constantly filled with fear, anxiety, and depression when you are at home, there is a good chance that your house is emitting negative energy. While there may be other factors that contribute to such feelings, bad vibes at home are more common. Just to be sure, keep a journal of your feelings when you’re at home alone, with someone, and outside. Take note of the difference in your mood. If you feel fear and anxiety at home, whether alone or not, but feel fine when you leave, this could be an indication of bad vibes.

The environment feels heavy

Even if you don’t have feelings like anxiety or depression, but your home environment feels heavy or gloomy, there could be something wrong with the vibes your house is emitting. Sit alone and observe the environment; if a sense of comfort and peace does not come to you, you may want to clean up the negative energy in your home.

You are unable to have a peaceful sleep

If you find yourself scrolling through social media at 3 a.m. for no apparent reason, and sleep seems to have abandoned you, this is an indication of negative energy in your home. Even if you are physically unable to feel them, your conscience may, and as a result, your sleep suffers. While this can be attributed to increased screen time and over-exertion, it is preferable that you do not ignore the presence of negative vibes as well.

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