What is tantric sex? Know it’s benefits

Tantric sex is a tranquil sexual connection people lately started to explore. It is said to be something which connects you to your partner on deeper levels, energy and is said to bring two souls closer. So here are some benefits that you must know of.

This kind of sex has its roots in the ancient spiritual culture, called tantra in sanskrit meaning weave. It weaves the female and male forces where the bodies transcend and become one. It is a love making connection which has the partners respecting each other turning to devotees. Breath work is important in tantric sex because it enhances the sexual awareness.

The one thing that women despise about sex

  • Release sexual shame and blocks which holds you back
  • Able to tune into a subtle energy
  • Get desire and pleasure like never before
  • Will have multiple orgasms
  • Makes holistic connection between your mind, body and soul, with your partner.

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