He’ll go insane if you use these kissing techniques on him

Looking for a guide to kissing your partner passionately and driving him insane? Look no further and quickly scroll down to find the solution you’ve been looking for. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best and most amazing kissing techniques that will make him miss you and drive him insane.

Imitate him

If you both have different kissing techniques, let him kiss you first and imitate him to avoid a clash and have a great time. Do as he says and have fun. When you initiate the kiss the next time, do whatever you want, and he will most likely imitate your style.

When he is lying down

If your man is taller than you, make yourself at ease before initiating a kiss while lying down. Move on top of him and kiss him while facing him from a higher position. It’s simple and straightforward.

Never forget the neck

The neck is a fantastic erotic zone for both men and women. Men, too, are highly sensitive in this area. However, there is a way to master it. To begin, ensure that your lips are soft, scrubbed, and supple. After that, purse your lips and leave a trail of small kisses on the neck. Then, gently suck on a small area for a second. Blow a little on that area, and if you want to and your partner is okay with it, try a very gentle bite as well.

French it!

A French kiss is a passionate kiss that should be performed slowly. Don’t just stick your tongue out. Take it slowly at first. Tease him and use your tongue to massage his lips. Continue to alternate between the lips and the tongue.

Touching the scalp

When you kiss him, run your fingers through his hair and lightly touch his scalp. Begin massaging his head from the nape of his neck. They are extremely sensitive over there.

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