Maruti Suzuki to release a powerful hybrid vehicle in 2022? Details are provided within

Next year, Maruti Suzuki is expected to release a powerful hybrid vehicle. The company does not plan to launch its EV in the current fiscal year, but it promises to be available before 2025. It also creates a green transportation roadmap that includes electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, flexi fuel vehicles, and compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG). Maruti Suzuki and Toyota recently displayed powerful hybrid vehicles at a Vibrant Gujarat Summit-related event. During a pre-Vibrant Gujarat Summit event, Toyota displayed the Mirae and Camry Hybrids. Suzuki will showcase its battery manufacturing capabilities, while Toyota will showcase Hybrid Vehicles at Vibrant Gujarat.

Maruti Suzuki has presented Gujarat’s chief minister with their strategy for reducing oil imports. Maruti Suzuki wants state and federal governments to lower the GST on hybrid vehicles so that they are comparable to EVs. In November, semiconductor shortages hampered Maruti Suzuki’s production and sales. Total sales fell year on year to 139,184 units last month, down from 153,223 units the previous year at the same time.

Furthermore, domestic sales totaled 113,017 units, with 4,774 units sold to other original equipment manufacturers. In November, the company shipped 21,393 vehicles, the most ever in a single month.

According to the company, “the lack of electronic components had a minimal impact on vehicle production during the month.” The scarcity primarily impacted the production of automobiles for the domestic market, despite the corporation’s efforts to mitigate the damage. On Wednesday, the automaker’s shares closed at Rs 7,300, up 3.29 percent from the previous close.

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is the best-selling vehicle, having sold 17,389 units in October 2021, a 5,000-unit increase from September 2021.

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