Reasons why your wife might not want to have sex

Sex is what keeps a marriage going. When the monotony of marriage sets in, it is the small moments of sexual pleasure and satisfaction that keep two partners going. But what happens when your wife ceases to be interested in bed? It’s not only infuriating but also quite concerning. Let’s decipher why your wife is unlikely to want to have sex with you for a long time.


Your wife could be extremely dissatisfied with your marriage. Something must be bothering her, causing her to drift away from you in bed. And if you ask, she might mention some habits or larger issues that are going on over here. She may no longer feel the emotional connection.

Lack of foreplay

Women enjoy foreplay, and if you avoid it in favor of sexual intercourse, you’re leaving her high and dry. Don’t get it twisted: your wife doesn’t want intercourse; she just wants you to touch her more.

Stressed and exhausted

Your wife may not be in the mood for sex because she is exhausted from her office and household duties. As a result, it’s natural to prefer to sleep at night rather than engage in sex.

Painful sex

Sex could be excruciatingly painful for your wife. During sexual intercourse, she may feel uneasy. You can speak with her and ask if more lubricant or a visit to the gynaecologist would suffice. In any case, it’s a cause for concern.

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