Symptoms of Omicron variant you might be missing.

Like delta variant, COVID’s Omicron variant might show some changes in the level of severity, transmissibility and its symptoms have been noted by health experts.  They also says that newest variant  may easily infect those who have either caught the virus earlier or been fully vaccinated but will be milder as compared to the Delta variant. Here are some of its symptoms.

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Omicron variant may lead to fatigue or extreme exhaustion. A person might tired, low energy and may have a strong desire to rest, which can disrupt everyday activities.

Itchy throat

People infected with the Omicron showed symptoms like  “scratchy” throat rather than sore throat, which is unusual.

Night sweat

Symptoms of the new variant has night sweats occur when you sweat so badly that your clothes and bedding become wet even if you’re laying down in a cool area.

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