4 ways to tell if your relationship has lost its lustre or if you’ve simply grown more at ease with each other

Is it true that unlimited calls are now only available to a select few? Do you find it difficult to start a conversation with your partner? Have things gotten boring and you no longer get butterflies when you see or talk to your partner? Don’t be concerned. It does not always imply that your relationship has lost its lustre. Sometimes it’s just a reflection of you two getting into that comfortable zone where you don’t feel the need to put in the extra effort.

So, if you’re worried about a lost spark, here are four ways to find out the truth about your relationship.

Find out if either of you is ignoring the other

When people tend to ignore each other, this is a common red flag of a relationship that has lost its spark. They are hesitant to share because they believe you do not share their feelings. On the other hand, if you and your partner have grown comfortable with each other, you can have unfiltered conversations without fear of the other person becoming judgmental.

Having butterflies is not always a criterion of a happy relationship

While you may feel tickled and get butterflies at the prospect of meeting your partner, these feelings may change or disappear over time. This does not imply that the relationship has lost its lustre, but rather that you and your partner are in a comfortable place. As a result, don’t be concerned about the missing butterflies. If it continues to bother you, try going on a romantic getaway with your partner and experimenting with new things in bed to combat such feelings.

Your partner stays quiet when around

This could be due to a variety of factors. It may simply indicate that your partner has had a difficult day and is relaxed enough to not struggle with brewing conversations. He or she may believe that the other person will understand them and thus remain silent. Discuss this with your partner, address the issue, and come up with a solution. You’ll probably realise it has nothing to do with the spark and that they’re just trying to get through the day.

Your partner has stopped putting in that extra effort

If your partner is no longer going out of his or her way to make you feel special, but his or her care and love for you remains the same, this simply indicates a comfortable stage in a relationship. Don’t confuse it with the lost spark. Talk to your partner about it, explain why it’s important to put in the extra effort, and make sure you reciprocate. Don’t let misunderstandings ruin your relationship, and remember that it’s critical to sit down and talk with your partner before jumping to conclusions. If you’re still unsure about the spark in your relationship, know that if it doesn’t exist, you and your partner will automatically part ways.

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