4 Zodiac signs that are careless

We’ve all got that one carefree, carefree friend who prefers to live in his or her own bubble. Nothing bothers them, and they believe that it is better to be careless and enjoy life than to be responsible and miss out on important moments.

So, if you, too, are annoyed with that one careless friend of yours who consistently misses college assignments, is always late for office meetings, and whose presentations are never completed on time, there is a chance that they are not the only ones to blame.

Here are 5 zodiac signs that are careless, according to astrology.


Capricorns are often stubborn when it comes to being careless. They do not consider carelessness to be a bad habit, but rather a necessary personality trait. They never feel guilty about it and despise those who try to make them see their errors. They will continue to use their careless attitude to get out of a situation once they have decided that something does not require their attention.


Geminis, like all other signs, are careless. They are free-spirited and prefer to live in the present. While this trait may end up putting them in difficult situations, their careless attitude makes things easier for them. They don’t consider the consequences and simply do what feels right to them.


Libras, once again, fall into the category of careless people. Nothing else matters to them except what they enjoy. They are tough individuals who can sail through any situation. They are not very judgmental people who despise being judged for their careless behaviour.


A Pisces is unconcerned about anything. They have established their priorities, and anything that does not fall on their list is a waste of their time and effort. Nothing can ever change their minds once they’ve decided they don’t care about something.

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