4 Indications that they are treating you as a backup

There may have been times when you felt a certain person was the love of your life and that you two connected on a deeper level, but they did not feel the same way about you. While you were busy daydreaming about your ideal life, they didn’t get butterflies in their stomach when they saw you, so they decided to treat you as a backup option!


When you are kept as a backup option, it can be heartbreaking. You’re stuck and helpless because you don’t know how to get out of this situation. So, if you suspect that someone is treating you as if you are their last option, keep an eye out for the four warning signs listed below.

They text you only when they are bored.


Sure, you’re ecstatic to receive a text from them, but it’s not quite so rosy when you realise they’re just talking to you because they have nothing better to do!


They do not regard you as a priority.


When you text or call them, they never respond quickly and always make an excuse for the delay. They never prioritize you and always keep you waiting.

They are uninterested in your life.


You are always asking them questions about their lives, and they never respond with a question about yours. They may appear to be uninterested in learning anything about you.


After speaking with them, you feel worthless.


You don’t feel good about yourself after talking to them, and you begin to doubt your worth. Because they treat you as a backup, they make you feel worthless and lower your self-esteem.


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