Health benefits of pumpkin

Weight loss is a challenging task. Many of us is unaware of benefits of pumpkin in weight loss. Apart from weight loss it has many other benefits.

Rich In Fibre

Fibre is important for gut health, which is seminal for weight loss and reducing hunger pangs. As per USDA, a 100-gram pumpkin contains only 0.5 mg of fibre. As a result, each cup of pumpkin provides roughly 3 mg of fibre.

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Boosts Immunity

Pumpkin is an immunity booster and has vitamins C and beta carotene. It is important to have a strong and healthy immune system to lose weight quickly and safely.

Improves Skin

Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene. It nourishes the skin from the inside and give your skin a healthy glow.

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