How To Use Neem To Keep Dandruff At Bay

A fungus named Malassezia is causing dandruff and winter season is said to be the most suitable for it to grow. If not treated thoughtfully it will come back no matter how many times you try.  If it is kept untreated this will lead to hair loss, so it is best to take care of the issue on time and take treatment.

Neem is super effective for dandruff. Some properties in neem leaves is used to treat multiple skin and hair issues. Here’s how to use neem  to get rid of dandruff .

Health tips to remember if you are your 20’s

Chew the Neem leaves

Chew the neem leaves daily every morning. To make it taste less bitter mix it with honey.

Neem and curd

Neem and curd is the ideal way to cure dandruff.  Make a paste of neem leaves, add it to a bowl of curd and apply all over your scalp after 15-20 minutes wash with lukewarm water. The anti-fungal properties of neem and cool effect of curd does wonders in fighting dandruff.

Neem as a hair conditioner

Using neem pre or post hair wash is immensely effective. To make this conditioner, take some neem leaves and boil them, allow them to cool down. After shampooing your hair, rinse the hair with this mixture

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