Signs that your partner is a negotiator

The ability to criticise someone by complimenting or insulting them is known as negging. The person who negates their partner does so solely for the purpose of controlling and undermining them. Their partner eventually craves their approval and relies on them to feel better. This emotional manipulation can be extremely harmful to your emotions and mind, leaving you completely distraught, insecure, and anxious. Here are some tell-tale signs that your partner is ignoring you.

Backhanded compliments

If your partner gives you backhanded compliments like, “thank your stars you have me, or you wouldn’t have gotten anybody good” or “you actually are nice, as I didn’t think you were,” it can be hurtful.


If your partner has no qualms about insulting you, they are clearly ignoring you. They may also disguise their insults as questions in order to make you question whether you have a problem within yourself. They will make you feel extremely self-conscious.


People who engage in negging may openly criticise you at times. Instead of offering constructive criticism, these individuals will harshly criticise you in order to make you feel worse. They may even make fun of you by making comments about your appearance, personality, ambitions, and so on.


They will not stop comparing you to other people, even though they are well aware that it will make you feel depressed and insecure. You should not have to compare yourself to others. Neither should your companion.


Manipulating someone into being a part of a relationship is not a good way to progress. This is also an indication of negging. It is one of the most unhealthy forms of communication in a relationship, and neither partner should use it.

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