3 Money Secrets of Happily Married Couples

Marriage, it is rightly said, is a union of two hearts and souls. However, while it is true that it is the combination of your finances, sharing money can be difficult for some couples who tend to argue about it. So, if discussing money has been wreaking havoc on your relationship, you no longer need to be concerned. This article reveals the best-kept secrets of how happily married couples manage their money. So you can use these tips to have more open money conversations with your partner.

Choose the one who will take the lead on taxes and debt

Delegating responsibility willingly is a smart way to run your household. Choosing someone to keep track of taxes, credit cards, or debt and act as your home’s finance minister can be beneficial. The other spouse could investigate other issues, such as major purchase decisions, such as purchasing a home or a car.


Pick a way to divide the expenses

Some people believe that it is essential for all bills in a relationship to be evenly split. This, however, is not always the case. Splitting your expenses 50/50 will not work if your spouse is a stay-at-home parent or works part-time while caring for your children. Consider the amount of housework they do as well as their income when deciding how to divide the expenses fairly. Some households even choose a ratio in which the primary breadwinner pays 80 percent of the bills and the spouse who works part-time pays 20 percent.

Discuss your finances on a monthly basis

As your bills continue to pile up on a weekly and monthly basis, it is critical that you discuss your pending debt and financial situation with your spouse on a regular basis. You can schedule a meeting for the first Sunday of each month to discuss money issues in the safe environment of your own home.

Discussing finances does not always have to be stressful or result in an argument. You can also make it a fun and relaxing activity by playing some light music, ordering your favourite meal, and grabbing a refreshing drink before you begin the conversation.


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