Three reasons why most Gemini and Cancer relationships fail

The Gemini’s friendly demeanor and charm will quickly win over the shy crab. While the two signs will laugh a lot and have a great sense of humor, their relationship will not be ideal. This is because, while Gemini will be taken aback by Cancer’s humility and kindness, the air sign seeks freedom, which may never be found given Cancer’s clingy nature. Examine the factors that contribute to the failure of most Gemini and Cancer relationships.

Cancer’s insecurities may be exacerbated by Gemini’s boredom.
Gemini is widely regarded as an excellent communicator. However, the sign is ruled by Mercury, which suggests that they are easily distracted and struggle to give anything their undivided attention for long periods of time. This sign may take a long time to demonstrate trust in their partner and commit to a relationship. However, Cancer’s insecurities may be exacerbated by Gemini’s lack of commitment and tendency to become easily distracted.

Cancer’s nagging may put a damper on Gemini’s celebration.
Cancer adores protecting and nurturing their lovers. While Gemini enjoys having their own space to grow and make their own decisions. This may conflict with Cancer’s need to coddle their lovers, and the nagging may be too much for Gemini’s free-spirited nature. As a result, they might be better suited to other partners.

They may never find a happy medium.

Neither sign will be willing to give up their ideals or meet their partner halfway. As a result, the emotional crab would be hurt and sulk for hours. The Gemini would not easily understand what irritates Cancer, so instead of giving their lover more attention, they would give them space. Fearing that Gemini will become distant once more would bring out the worst in Cancer.

While most water signs are sensitive and seek security, air signs can crave freedom and drift away from their partners for extended periods of time. As a result, the two signs may be happier in the arms of other zodiac signs who can better accommodate their needs.

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