The real-world mileage of an Ola electric scooter has been revealed to be 20% less than claimed – find out more here

Ola’s electric scooters sparked interest online and have performed well despite their debut four months ago for a variety of reasons. Despite the fact that electric vehicles are future mobility solutions, there is still scepticism about their acceptance. This is due primarily to range anxiety. Many people are still concerned about how far an EV can travel on a single charge. Ola claims that its S1 Pro e-scooter has a range of 181 kilometres, which appears to be quite impressive on paper. However, the Bengaluru-based EV startup has now provided an explanation for why this range is unrealistic in the real world.

The ARAI-certified range of 181 kms was achieved in a controlled lab environment, according to Ola, but the behaviour of the S1 Pro under real-world driving conditions would be significantly different. The company has also revealed the true range of the S1 Pro, which is 135 kilometres on a single charge. Buyers must meet certain conditions in order to take advantage of the 135 km range offered. For starters, it is possible with only one rider weighing 70 kgs and no pillion.

For city driving conditions, the maximum incline is 3-5 percent. In the Normal riding mode, a moderate riding style must be used for the duration of the ride. Temperatures have been set to range between 24 and 35 degrees Celsius. If these conditions are met, the range should be 135 kilometres.

Following a number of delays, Ola Electric recently began shipping its first batch of e-scooters nationwide. Electric scooters are available in two models: S1 and S1 Pro, with prices starting at Rs 1 lakh and going up to Rs 1.30 lakh, respectively (both prices ex-show).

The S1 has a 2.98 kWh battery pack, whereas the S1 Pro has a 3.97 kWh battery pack. Although the ARAI-rated range for the S1 series has not been approved, previous claims suggest a range of 121 kms.

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