This will be be the most expensive Bentley ever

World’s most sought after luxury car Bentley is reportedly working on a second bespoke model under its Mulliner coachbuilding division. This bespoke luxury car will be the most expensive Bentley model ever from the British luxury car brand. USP of this upcoming luxury car is that it comes with the automaker’s good-old W12 engine and preview the design of the first-ever Bentley pure-electric car.

The classification of this upcoming Bentley two-door coupe is yet to be confirmed. But this is going to be the second model after Bacalar, the ultra-posh roofless model that was built in a limited number of 12 units by the same Mulliner division. This brand  new model too will be built in a limited number. But, with 25 units to be produced, it will not come as exclusive as the Bacalar.

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