4 facts about married sex that no one tells you

Sex before and after marriage might be rather different. Is it the same performance? Yes, but our feelings and perceptions of our spouse vary. When it comes to married sex or sex after marriage, most married men and women are unaware of numerous facts. So, here are four things you should know and expect regarding sex after marriage that no one tells you.

Orgasms are overhyped

You may want to have the kind of sex you see in movies at first, but you will soon realize that having an orgasm is overrated. The sexual connection, the meeting of the eyes, will make you feel insane, among other things.

Familiarising with each other’s bodies

When you get married or start living together, you ultimately get to know each other’s bodies. The way you move when he or she touches you wherever, the giggle, the bedroom eyes, the sweat you burst into, all of this becomes known and becomes part of your daily life. Partners may even begin to giggle at each other’s farts and become childish.

Discovering the positions

Once married, the sex gets frantic at first and you both find the sex positions that give both of you that high, but along the way, you do experience certain botched positions that become a joke among couples.

Body hair? Who cares!

When you’re in a dating period, you take care of your body hair, especially your pubic hair. However, most couples cease caring about it after they get married. In fact, you notice the little bumps on each other’s bodies and grow accustomed to them.

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