Questions to ask a boy during the first meeting for an arranged marriage

While discovering your soul mate is the most exhilarating sensation in the world, the route to get there is dangerous for most mortals. Many of us regard arranged marriages as a convenient way to meet a compatible companion who will get along well with our family. However, this encouraging reality does little to calm our anxiety when we meet a potential mate for the first time. Today, we delve into the complex nuances of this crucial first encounter to examine the questions you should ask a man who you think will be your future husband.

Probe him about his duties towards his parents

While discussing this in your first meeting may seem daunting, it is prudent to do so. It can reveal whether the man would financially support his parents after the wedding. If you want to accomplish the same, it can also help to convey. As a result, the two of you may organize your finances accordingly.

Ask him about his expectations from marriage

It is vital that you understand his marital expectations. Is he looking for a companion, or was he pushed to marry by his family? Is he looking after his parents and grandparents on a regular basis, or does he live alone in the city? Understanding his perspective on marriage can assist you in adjusting your expectations so that you can meet each other halfway.

Ask him about his daily routine and social life

Some people are introverts who prefer to spend their time at home, so they may curl up with a good book or watch TV. Others may be extroverts who enjoy meeting new people and socializing with their friends on a daily or weekly basis. Inquiring about your future spouse’s interests and social life can provide you with significant insight into these areas, allowing you to determine whether or not you have a lot in common.

Keep in mind that your potential match may be just as nervous as you are about the encounter. As a result, starting with an ice breaker is a fantastic idea before willingly baring your souls to one other.


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