Ugh! The internet was shocked when a woman discovered a full chicken head in a hot wings box

Every foodie’s worst nightmare has come true! In a bizarre and equally shocking incident, a KFC customer discovered a whole chicken head stuffed in her box of freshly served KFC hot wings! When she received this shocking delivery, the woman had ordered a takeout.

“I found a fried chicken head in my hot wings meal,” she wrote in a two-star review on Just Eat. “Ugh, I’m going to miss the rest of my meal.” @takeawaytrauma also shared this on Instagram.

According to media reports, the KFC customer, Gabrielle, had ordered from KFC Feltham in Twickenham, southeast London. KFC UK took to social media to express their shock and confusion. Insisting on serving real chicken, they admitted that it had clearly slipped through the strict processes and checks in place with their suppliers, partners, and teams, “who freshly prepare everything in our restaurants.”



The food chain also stated that this was the most generous two-star rating they had ever received. They also allegedly contacted Gabrielle, who accepted some free KFCs. According to reports, the restaurant chain has also invited her and her family to come meet the kitchen team so that they can feel comfortable ordering from them again.

The post quickly went viral on social media, with users reacting to the incident. While one said they had proven the chicken was real, another wondered what a fast-food chain should do to get one star. Another person responded that if the chicken head had bitten the eater, one star would have been awarded!

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