Post wedding skincare tips

A wedding is the most memorable day in one’s life. You go through months of preparations to look your best on your D-day . While every bride and groom spends time in self-pampering and self-care during the pre-wedding days, the constant stress of the wedding, layers of makeup, lack of sleep, and irregular diet can negatively effect skin.

When the big day gets over, most grooms and brides neglects skincare. Your skin needs some care and nourishment to maintain the post-wedding glow.

Take a break from makeup

After wearing heavy makeup to look the best during your wedding day, your skin needs to breath. So, stay away from makeup for a while because too much makeup can clog the skin’s pores and make it dry.

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Use a gentle cleanser to clean the skin and use a good scrub to get rid of the dead cells. A homemade natural coffee scrub is free of chemicals and helps you to remove all the toxins from the skin.


Months of preparation, bachelor parties, and the overall excitement, you must have lacked sleep. So  sleep well your post-wedding days. Sleep at least eight hours a day. It will help your body restore energy and your skin to heal from all the harmful effects of the makeup you have been wearing for so long.




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