4 Ways to Determine Whether Your Crush Likes You Back

Your phone flashes. When you open it, you find a message from your crush. Hey, how are you? says the message. This one-liner is enough to make your heart race and your mind wander to the day you will walk down the aisle. All of this is fine until you discover that they have left your texts on’read.’

So, if there’s one mystery that can’t be solved, it’s whether or not your crush likes you. Here are a few methods for determining whether or not your crush feels the same way about you.

They want to keep in touch

If you haven’t had a conversation with your crush on a daily basis, it’s safe to assume that he or she likes you. If they struggle to keep the conversation going and never hesitate to talk about the silliest things with you, it indicates that they enjoy talking to you and may want to stay in touch with you in the future. Furthermore, if they are the ones who are always planning a dinner with you or never mind asking you for a coffee, it indicates that they may share your feelings.

They are comfortable around you

If your crush feels at ease around you and has nothing to hide from you, it could be a sign of their feelings for you. While it is possible that they are doing so because they regard you as a good friend, the likelihood of this is very low. So, simply observe their behavior; if you feel warmth and a sense of mutual understanding, you may return the smile, as they may like you back.

They make sweet gestures towards you

It demonstrates their concern for you whether it’s grabbing your favorite sandwich on the go or buying you a Mc Puff whenever you’re hungry. This not only demonstrates that they are aware of your likes and dislikes, but it also validates the fact that they like you back.

They take a stand for you

If your crush is the first person to speak up about an unfair decision made against you at work or college, or a person who is badmouthing you in front of them, regardless of whether you are present or not, it is more than obvious that they have feelings for you. While speaking up for those close to us is a personality trait shared by many, if your crush meets all of the aforementioned criteria, they are more than likely to like you back.

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