Here’s how to stay mentally healthy in a toxic relationship

While it is necessary to flee the clutches of a toxic partner, you must not allow your mental health to suffer as you work your way out of the relationship. Whether your spouse or boyfriend is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or has unintentionally toxic tendencies, you must protect yourself and your emotions. As a result, we’ve put together a few simple ways for you to feel peaceful while also maintaining your mental health in the meantime.

Set firm boundaries

It’s unfortunate to have a headstrong and opinionated partner who can be emotionally abusive. Nonetheless, while plotting your exit from such a relationship, you must stand your ground and ensure that the partner does not always get his way. It can be frightening to watch your life spiral out of control, but it is unavoidable when you allow a romantic partner to make all of your decisions for you. As a result, you must reclaim control over your life by establishing boundaries that prevent your lover from controlling or manipulating you.

Forgive but don’t give them another chance

Forgiving those who have wronged you allows you to release any mental baggage you may have. So, while you should forgive your partner for his or her mistakes, you should not give them another chance. After all, forgiveness does not imply that you approve of their behavior or wish to reconcile.

Build your support network

Toxic partners tend to isolate you from your friends and loved ones in order to maintain their status as the only important figure in your life. This, however, is not healthy. In times of need, having a support system of friends, colleagues, family, and relatives can help you confide in them. They can also assist you in recognizing gaslighting and toxic behaviours in your relationship, which may be flourishing in a healthy relationship with support and love.

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping because you’re worried about your future or your emotional health, it might be time to see a mental health professional. The right help can help you leave the relationship and start your mental health journey on the right foot.

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