How to find your partner is serious about you

Doubts, uncertainty, and insecurity these are common in a relationship to an extent. Most of the time it is nothing but a result of overthinking, sometimes, to our horror, it can be true. So  here are some tips for finding out if your partner is serious about you.

Sharing their personal life with you

If your partner  shares their personal and professional life with you, it means they see a future with you and are, obviously, serious for you. But if your partner is secretive, there are chances they may be setting up boundaries they are not at all serious about you.

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Ask for your opinion before making a decision

If your partner do this, you can trust them. Asking for a partner’s opinion before making a decision shows that your partner wants you to keep you in your life .

Respect your family

Only a person  with dignity and love will do this. If your partner care and respect about your family and doesn’t mind checking up on them every once in a while, that is a serious relationship.



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