7 Signs You’re Dating a Man Child

There are times when you feel he is too immature or too relaxed, which is not what you expected. There are two possible explanations for this. First, he doesn’t take stress as well as you do, so he appears to be cool about everything, or second, he is a man child that no woman wants to marry unless you are okay with it. Here are a few signs to look for to ensure that he is a man child and not the responsible man.


Is his room too cluttered, with everything outside the wardrobe, on the bed, and so on? Being disorganised is one thing, but living like a college student is quite another.


Is he always playing the victim and making excuses for everything he does wrong? Then, dear reader, you are undoubtedly dealing with a man-child, someone irresponsible, and you cannot change these things because they come naturally from within.

Out of money

If he is not a student or is not in a medical crisis, he should not be experiencing major financial difficulties. Instead of always living on the edge, a man saves money for rainy days. Unless, of course, he is out of work. He earns less but spends impulsively, his bills are not paid on time, and he does not pay his taxes, so you should reconsider!

The toxic habits

If he is addicted and only engages in activities such as watching videos, smoking marijuana, and drinking alcohol and tends to zone out a lot… Are you certain about him? Yes, it is extremely irresponsible, but it is also something a man-child does.

Can you rely on him?

Will he hold your hand as you leave for the airport? Will he offer to drop you off at the airport late at night? If he isn’t interested in these things and never follows through on the commitments you discussed, don’t expect anything from him.

Cannot take criticism

When a man-child is criticized, he often becomes defensive. Such men are incapable of self-reflection and of processing feedback. They simply refuse to acknowledge their flaws.

You are constantly nagging him

If you have to constantly nag him because you are disappointed in him for failing to fulfil some basic responsibilities, it is high time you realised he is a man child and you want a man. It irritates you as well that you have to do this!

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