Cold-blooded murder: Local goon carried the dead body on shoulders after committing the crime

Local goon murdered a youngster in the wee hours of Kottayam district jolted residents. A youngster named Shan babu was kidnapped and brutally killed by Jomon during Sunday midnight. After the cold-blooded crime accused carried the body on his shoulders to the East Police Station. The accused Jomon, who has been booked under various charges in different cases was taken into custody.

According to reports, Babu was kidnapped by Jomon on Sunday around 9:30 PM. Jomon who came in an auto-rickshaw was forcefully taking Babu along with him. Jomon took Babu to many places and on the way he brutally thrashed him. It was around 3:30 AM on Monday that Jomon approached the police station. He laid Babu’s body there and informed police about the murder.

Meanwhile, the mother of the deceased had filed a kidnap case on her son. Though police searched him in various places, they could not find him until he was brought to the police station by Jomon. All this happened in a span of hours. Last November, police had invoked KAPPA against the accused Jomon and his entry to Kottayam was restricted. However, Jomon violated it and committed the crime. It is learnt that the vengeance of Jomon with Babu’s friend Sooryan and the rift between Jomon and Sooryan resulted in the crime.

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