Indigo flights narrow escape from mid-air collision: DGCA to probe

The Indigo’s two domestic flights narrowly escaping from mid-air collision will be investigated by the aviation watchdog Director General of Civil Aviation. The incident was considered as the one of the serious safety breach in aviation. Meanwhile, Indigo Airlines declined to comment on the incident. According to officials, a close shave of two Indigo flights from Bangalore to Kolkata and the other from Bhubaneswar shows negligence and miscommunications between radar operators and ATC officials led to the incidents.

A prima facie report stated that “the issue occurred due to a lack of communication between radar controllers and ATC officers at the time of the incident,” according to investigators. The Indigo flights of Airbus had hundreds of passengers on board. The report suggested that the two planes took off for their designated destinations and had an instant face-off in mid-air at an altitude of over 3000 feet in the skies over Bengaluru.

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