Strangers face difficulty chatting with teens; Snapchat increased safety

Popular social media app Snapchat is changing its friend recommendation feature by increasing the safety of the app. As per the updated version adult strangers face difficulties in chatting with teen users. Through its “Quick Add” feature Snapchat made its new change. The app now will not show the accounts of 13 to 17-year-olds in Quick Add unless they have “a certain number of accounts in common.

While the change will not prevent adults and teens from connecting at all, it could make it more difficult for strangers to find teens they don’t already know. The company has faced scrutiny over its handling of drug dealers on its platform in recent months. Snap also said that it has improved its ability to proactively detect “drug-related content” on its platform, with 88 per cent of “drug-related content” now being “proactively detected” with AI.

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