Everywhere is open, yet travellers from Kerala require RTPCR to enter Karnataka

Despite Covid cases are declining in Kerala, Karnataka has not revised its protocols and restrictions on interstate travel. The neighbouring state continued to insist passengers arriving from Kerala, Maharashtra, and Goa carry an RTPCR negative test result. The government is not ready to reconsider the rule despite repeated demands from the public. It is mandated that the passengers carry a certificate of RTPCR test taken within 72 hours.

Only those with a negative certificate will be allowed to cross the state border. Karnataka imposed restrictions on interstate travellers when the Covid-19 cases were raising in Kerala. Currently, there are no travel restrictions anywhere in the country except in Karnataka. Restrictions, including curfews, have been lifted in Karnataka as well. Further, the schools, colleges and cinema theatres are functioning normally. Yet those from neighbouring states are facing these restrictions.

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