RT-PCR @Rs 300, antigen @Rs 100; Kerala reduces price for Covid tests

Kerala government has reduced the prices for Covid tests, PPE kits and N95 masks in the state. As per the revised costs Rs 300 for RT-PCR tests, Rs 100 for antigen test, Rs 1,025 for RT-LAB, Rs 2,350 for Expert Nat and Rs 1,225 for TrueNat. The Minister of Health Veena George stated that the above-mentioned rates include all extra charges also.

The minimum charge for a PPE kit will be Rs 154 and Rs 156 respectively for XL and XXL sizes. The maximum charge should be Rs 175 for both the sizes. The minister informed that the highest price levied for the N95 mask should be Rs 15 while Rs 5.50 has been fixed as the lowest rate for the same. The earlier cost for RT-PCR test was Rs 500, Rs 300 for antigen test, Rs 2,500 for Expert Nat, Rs 1,500 for TrueNat and Rs 1,150 for RT-LAB.

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