If you are a youngster PLEASE step back from these mistakes

If you are a youngster, who wish to have a great life in the coming years PLEASE make sure that you are on the right path; KEEP READING!


1. Avoid Excess slepp- Try to be energetic and enthusiastic. For that, you must avoid excess sleep and usage of the internet. Many youths today fall into excess sleep, the time that is meant for them to be building their future is been wasted on unnecessary sleep and the internet.

2. Procrastination- Everyone has the problem of Procrastination. But if you are a youngster and have a habitat of Procrastination tries to overcome as much as possible. Because when you keep postponing your plans it will worst your days and future. Procrastination is a very dangerous disease that has wasted many. So now is the time to act if you are a youth because Delay is dangerous. If you want to succeed, kill that procrastination.

3. Avoid unhealthy friendship- Eighty per cent of who you become is determined by your friendship. The people you hang around with influence you a whole lot. Your becoming great or stagnant is determined by the friends you keep. So if you are a youth and you really want to be great then check your friends, if you find out that they don’t influence you positively, you must move away from that.

4. Don’t be addicted to drugs- Drugs usage in youth is very common nowadays. But the reality is it kills your life itself. So try to avoid the use of drugs and lead a peaceful life.

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