Black cat crossing path your path brings bad omen? Is it true??

India is a country of diverse culture and traditions, as well as several myths and superstitions. Is there any belief behind these superstitions?

A black cat crossing path- A black cat crossing your path is considered a bad omen. While many people let others pass before them so that they are saved from the bad omen. Other spit to cancel out the bad omen.

Broken mirror- Broken glasses and mirrors are considered a bad omen. A logical explanation for this can be that one might cut themselves with broken glasses or mirrors.

Twitching eye- A twitching eye is considered good luck in some cultures and bad in some others. It differs according to gender as well. Eye twitching could be due to stress, alcohol, tiredness, allergies, strain or just dry eyes.

Sweeping in the evening- It is considered inauspicious to sweep after sunset as people believe that Goddess Lakshmi will walk out of your house. It is said that the goddess visits your home after sunset and if you sweep your place after sunset, she won’t come in.

one rupee in gift money- When Indians gift money, they give Rs 101 or Rs 1,001 and not Rs 100 or Rs 1,000. The extra one rupee coin is considered as debt that lies on the receiver of the money which someday he would return and the friendship will continue.

Cutting nails and hair on Saturdays- People consider that cutting nails and hair on Saturdays bring bad luck.

Crow shit- It is believed that crow shit brings good luck and that money is on the way.

Kala tika- The practice of putting Kala tika on a child’s forehead is common. It is believed that the Kala tika will protect the child from any evil eyes and prevent anyone from putting a negative vibe over them.

Hanging lemon and 7 green chillies- Shop owners in India hang lemon and 7 green chillies at their door so that Alakshmi, the goddess of misfortune, eats her favourite acidic food, satisfies her hunger and leaves without entering the shop.

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