Horoscope Feb 20: know more about your upcoming days!


February 20 is the Chaturthi date and Sunday of Phalguna Krishna Paksha. Chaturthi Tithi will remain till 9:05 pm tonight. The Hasta Nakshatra will be there till 4:12 pm, after that Chitra Nakshatra will start.


Aries- A better day for this Zodiac sign people. Whatever the wish will get completed. Expected to get some good news from friends. You will also get help from the officials in the office. People associated with the field of business will get a big deal today, which is sure to make progress. Mutual love will make your marital relationship even better.

Taurus- All your work-related problems will be resolved. There will be an increase in the happiness and good fortune of the house. Will travel to a religious place with a spouse. This will keep your relationship strong. Today your parents will be happy with the hard work done for some work.

Gemini- You should avoid trusting anyone without thinking. The more love you maintain with family members, the better it is for your life. The day will be fine for the students of Political Science. They need to work hard in their studies. You will get better results today for the efforts made for some work earlier. Your financial side will be normal.

Cancer- You will get a chance to join any religious event. You need to tread a little cautiously at work. You need to be careful about your work. You will get a chance to spend time with your life partner. You will try to maintain better harmony in the family relationship. Love makes will make plans to have dinner together today.

Leo – A big decision in-home, which the consent of the family members will also be obtained. You will share something of yours with friends. You will get an offer to go abroad for a new business deal. You will plan to do shopping with a partner. The mind of the children of this zodiac will be engaged in studies today. Everyone’s health in the family will remain good.

Virgo- People working as agents will get many opportunities for profit today. Children will help you with household chores. Today many of your important work will be completed very easily and on time, due to which you will be very happy. You will feel better by sharing your happiness with your life partner.

Libra- You will try to finish uncompleted tasks. You should be careful while transacting money. You can forget to keep something somewhere. You should take special care of your valuables. To get success in the workplace, a little more hard work is still needed.

Scorpio- Today you will get inspiration from someone special. You will go to a religious place with your parents. Your health will remain better than before. Some elders will be pleased with your behaviour. Sweetness will increase in married life.

Sagittarius- Hard work and dedication towards work will increase. Your success will be assured. The hopes of family members will remain with you. Your interest in religious work will increase. Today you will make a plan to watch a movie with friends. Students preparing for competitive exams will get some good news. Love makes will go somewhere, which will bring newness in the relationship.

Capricorn – A better day. The problem coming in any subject will go away today. There will be a chance to spend time with family members.

Aquarius- Today you will feel a positive aura around you. People will be very happy with your behaviour. You will make an idea of ​​partnering with a big business group. You will get some good profit opportunities. You will get more money than expected from any source. People associated with the field of art will get a chance to attend a function.

Pisces- Maintain a good harmony with everyone. The youth who are looking for employment are likely to get many golden job opportunities. You should not let any opportunity pass you by.

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